Amal Totkay

Most of these tips are new to me and I think they can be very effective to develop a growth mindset. They are not very difficult to follow, all it takes is a bit of determination and one would definitely reach there. My favorite tip is to create new habits. You can’t transition from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset without changing your habits. These habits are actually what defines our mindset. It’s very difficult to develop new habits, but the key is to start and then not give up until it becomes fixed. Then you reap its benefits. I have recently developed a new habit to get up early and workout. This has really helped improve my mental and physical health. It helps keep the stresses at bay during the rest of the day as I am mentally refreshed. From today onwards, I have decided to set certain personal and professional goals that I will achieve in the next few months. These are short-term goals that will help me reach my future long-term goals, like the small steps you take to reach your ultimate destination.


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