Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

First thing, I hate frogs, so I won't talk about them. On to the Pomodoro then. It’s 12 am, I have completed the online course 1, and now I have to do the project work related to the Pomodoro technique. I have decided to use it to complete the online course 2 in the next 2 hours because after that, it would be time for “Sehri” and tomorrow is the deadline. As an advanced-level procrastinator, I don’t think this tomato can defeat my procrastination skills, but let’s see. The next paragraph would be me after the activity, see you soon.

Impressive! I mean, it didn’t completely work, but I can see a lot of improvements. It was really tough. It took some mental determination to keep my usual impulses in check. I usually get this urge to use my mobile phone while doing a task and just keep using it, wasting time. However, this time I was successfully able to not use it for more than an hour, which is really an achievement for me. I did pause to get something to drink and eat a few times, but I think I can easily avoid this by keeping a bottle of water and a bunch of fruits at my desk the next time I work. Moreover, I will keep my phone in a drawer in another room to get rid of my phone surfing problem.

I was able to complete the course in 2 hours and 30 minutes, meaning I didn’t land too far from my target, which makes me believe that giving it a few more tries would really help me improve and master this skill. I can feel that the procrastinator inside me doesn’t like this Pomodoro, lets feed him a few more.




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Abdul Hanan Abbasi

Abdul Hanan Abbasi

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