#Just Start

I have always wanted to learn a foreign language. It opens a lot of avenues for your personal and professional development. I choose Arabic as it is widely spoken in the Middle East where there are a lot of potential professional opportunities for me. It is also the Language of the Quran, so being proficient in it will also help my spiritual development, something I really want to focus on. I have never had the time or commitment to pursue this before.

I have found a very highly rated course at Udemy. It was a bit expensive for me and also required me to pay using a credit card which I don’t currently own. So I had to borrow it from someone. Planning on how to take maximum knowledge from this course also proved daunting as I have no prior experience of learning a foreign language. Making the right schedule to achieve this was also tricky. However, with the motivation from my Amal course, I got it done. I realized that if you really have the will to do something all it takes is to just get it started and then things happen a lot easier than you think.

Udemy Course



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