MegaProject Idea

Abdul Hanan Abbasi
2 min readApr 9, 2021


My father runs a cargo company. It provides goods delivery services from Lahore to almost all cities of Punjab. He started it in 1998. Since then, he has successfully nourished it to a reasonable financial position. Our Family has been involved in the Transport sector for about 60 years now. It started from my great grandfather and then passed on to the next generations and now to me. However, this particular company that my father runs was started and built by him single-handedly.


The way of doing business at the company hasn’t evolved since it started in 1998. It’s still done the old school way with tons of paperwork and no use of Digital Technology. This has hampered the growth of the business and adversely affected its competitiveness in the market. As the efficiency of operations hasn’t improved, the client base has not seen substantial improvement. There are many managerial issues including finance. Even in this world of social media, there are no marketing initiatives.


I have now been regularly visiting the company for the last two weeks. I have identified that to grow the company to its potential and compete with other market players, it has to invest in Digitalization and Marketing. Most people working at the company are relatively young and are familiar with the use of mobile phones and computers, so training them would not be much of an issue. By digitalizing all their operations, they would be able to store and analyze financial data to understand their business and make educated decisions. This would also eliminate errors and improve overall productivity. Digital marketing would help the company get traction from potential clients without spending a lot of money. It’s the most effective and cost-friendly way to increase their reach.